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Aston Management

Jo Southwell

Jo Southwell established Aston Management in 2008 along side Aston Productions. Her main aim was to create an agency that worked with and for its clients, with a collaborative approach to career paths.

Ten years later, Aston Management is estalished as a boutique agency representing fresh new talent alongside established actors across all genres. 

 All actors are managed by both agents to offer a full and varied approach to their careers.



Guy grew up in Leeds to an artistic family. He studied painting at Chelsea College of Art, and continues to paint to this day. He has always been involved in the Fine Arts, whether as a sole practitioner, or for notable others. He has been making/ fixing/ selling art, which he says, “is the perfect counter balance to the world of acting.”

“As a ‘non-performer’ throughout this period, I’ve spent a lot of time working alongside actors, across stage and screen, even spending a couple of seasons with Opera North in Yorkshire. I’m a fan of it all. Also, having an actor brother, I’m acutely aware of the commitments you’ve had to make to pursue this career. I aim to mirror this dedication to help our actors to continue and flourish!”