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About Jo and Susan

Jo Southwell

Jo Southwell established Aston Management over 10 years ago. Driven by the aim of working with actors that she would cast in film, TV or Theatre. Now an award winning director with a TV series in development, Jo is committed to maintaining talented, castable, unique and varied actors under Aston Mgt. 

In the last two years, Aston Management has opened casting doors to major feature films, TV castings, commercials, theatre and really interesting voice work.

As a team, Jo and Susan very much see their clients as “Aston Actors”, they are committed to opening doors, creating opportunities and creating life long careers with their clients. 

Susan Bradfield

Susan trained as a Professional Makeup Artist in 2005 and worked within the industry from the word go, whilst raising her family. Her journey as a ‘Casting Mum’ began around 11 years ago with her eldest son who was an eager performer was signed up to an agency based at Pinewood studios. 

She suddenly found herself immersed into the world of child acting, dealing with child licensing, Local Authorities and the Agency as well as maintaining a good relationship with the school.

At one point all 3 of Susan’s children were signed to an agent and she found herself negotiating London and getting the boys to different castings. This she will admit was one of the most challenging times and a real eye opener to the industry.

In 2015 Susan applied to become a Licensed Chaperone, which meant she could accompany and officially chaperone her youngest son on set, when he was cast in a big BBC production.

In 2017 Susan worked for Pen Works Media as a Talent Agent for 6 months before moving to Aston Management. 

Susan’s passion for creativity, perfection and media make her a perfect agent at Aston.