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Nadia Lamin

nadia lamin

“Winner : Best Actress 2018”

Nadia has won her second award as Best Actress for her role as EVE in CHIMERA as alongside Andrew-Lee-Potts & Marc Zammit.

A graduate from East 15. Natural RP. Captivating performer.

Nadia has a mixed North African Heritage and speaks arabic – really interesting and quirky.

Ethnicity : half Libyan, An eighth Egyptian, eighth Danish and rest English Libyan / Mazurta.

Coming soon : CHIMERA; DIRGE and LOYALTY (2018/9)

REVIEWS: “However it has to be said that Nadia Lamin’s performance was both excellent and adorable! You can’t fail to love every moment she’s on stage and to be in her company.” “An outstanding Nadia Lamin.” “Delivering some brilliant one-liners.”